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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quit Cigarette Smoking~Start Feeling Better Fast

How long have you been smoking? Whether it's twenty years, thirty years, or maybe longer than you can remember, you'll be glad to know that even "career smokers" can improve their health when they Quit Cigarette Smoking and feel better almost immediately.

You've probably heard negative comments from other smokers, like: "Why should I stop now? I've been smoking my entire life," or "My lungs are already damaged beyond repair. Quit Cigarette Smoking now won't make any difference."

Fortunately, those behavior are myths. With a little perseverance, will power, and maybe some alfresco advice if needed, you can bang your smoker addiction and about-face a acceptable accord of the damage. Many smokers are afraid to apprentice that bloom improvements can action aural a amount of days.

Experience Immediate Results When You Quit Cigarette Smoking

While most ex-smokers will tell you the first week is the hardest, they fail to mention the immediate health benefits from stopping smoking. Smokers are often so focused on their addiction and withdrawal symptoms that at first they might not realize the positive changes taking place in their bodies.

These are some common changes that occur within the first three days of stopping smoking:

1. Drop in pulse rate and blood pressure- Smoking has been known to increase the risk of high blood pressure
. Within days of stopping smoking, most people experience a drop in their overall blood pressure and heart rate.

2. Increase in energy- After breaking your smoking habit, you should notice an increase in energy. Former smokers who suffered from fatigue often see an improvement in energy and stamina.

3. Nicotine elimination- In a matter of days, nicotine is eliminated from the body. The result is a boost to your senses. Foods will seem tastier than before and you'll be more aware of both fragrant and foul smelling odors.

4. Breathing improvements- As changes occur in the bronchial tubes, breathing will become less of a chore. You'll find your breathing will get lighter and more relaxed.

5. Carbon monoxide reduced- Smokers have an unhealthy level of carbon monoxide in the blood. In less than a day after Quit Cigarette Smoking, carbon monoxide levels will start to decrease, resulting in an increase of oxygen in the blood.

6. Lung cleansing- After carbon monoxide is removed from the blood stream, the lungs begin a much needed cleansing process. The heavy tar buildup that has accumulated in the lungs slowly starts to clear.

7. Healthier skin- Did you ever notice how some smokers have a dull, pasty complexion? By Quit Cigarette Smoking, you can improve your skin tone and reduce and prevent wrinkles.

Long Term Health Benefits From Stopping Smoking

Since smoking takes a gradual toll on your body, it's unrealistic to expect all health improvements to occur overnight. Although you might not feel like a million dollars right away, rest assured that by stopping smoking now you'll eventually experience major health improvements.

Here are some of the long-term benefits of breaking your smoking habit:

1. Less coughing- If coughing and hacking are a part of your daily routine, over the next several months these problems should decrease or be eliminated as the oxygen level in the lungs increases.

2. Easier exercise- Forget about huffing and puffing just to get up the stairs. Quit Cigarette Smoking will improve your circulation, thus making exercise and everyday chores much simpler.

3. Fewer heart problems- Did you know smokers are at a greater risk when it comes to heart attacks? Thankfully the chance of having a heart attack will slowly start to decrease upon stopping smoking. After about ten years off tobacco, most former smokers no longer have an inflated risk for a heart attack. Even smokers who have already suffered from heart problems
can reduce their risk of an additional heart attack by Quit Cigarette Smoking.

4. Reduced risk of lung disease- Perhaps the most common reason for stopping smoking is the fear of lung cancer. It's true that the lungs take the most time to recover from cigarette smoking. But generally after a period of about ten years, most smokers will have reduced their chances of developing lung cancer by fifty percent.

Increase Your Life Expectancy... At Any Age

Whether you're 35, 50, or 70 years old, the time to Quit Cigarette Smoking is now. While younger smokers may tend to recover better from the ill effects of smoking, people of all ages can improve their overall health and increase life expectancy.

The key to success is to Quit Cigarette Smoking before any serious health complications arise such as lung cancer or emphysema. However, if you have been diagnosed with either of these conditions or some other tobacco related illness, you can still boost your chances of recovery by Quit Cigarette Smoking immediately.

While receiving treatment for a serious illness, your body needs to be in the healthiest state possible. The sooner you stop smoking, the sooner your stress levels will decline, boosting your immune system to ward off life threatening diseases and conditions.

Author: Antonio LeMaire

Quit Cigarette Smoking~Start Feeling Better Fast

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