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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Quit Cigarette Smoking~Hypnotherapy To Stop Smoking

In this article I am going to share with you some of the specific ways Hypnotherapy Hertfordshire can help you to Quit Cigarette Smoking, for good. With the smoker ban fast abutting in the UK (July 1st 2007), abounding bodies are alpha to feel the amusing pressures to Quit Cigarette Smoking. The allowances of endlessly smoker are immeasurable. Without catechism you will be abundant convalescent and conceivably added chiefly chargeless from the ascendancy you should accept acquainted by actuality at the benevolence of a horrible, smelly and expensive habit. Hypnotherapy Hertfordshire is a hypnotherapy practice based in Aldbury, near Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. At Hypnotherapy Hertfordshire, you are supported to give up smoking with ease and also quickly. What this means is there won't be months of relying on expensive nicotine patches and other replacement therapies, which in my opinion, just keep the physical addiction going, longer then necessary.

When you make the decision to seek support from Hypnotherapy Hertfordshire to help you Quit Cigarette Smoking, we take steps to ensure that you are given the best possible chance of quitting. One of the ways in which Hypnotherapy, Hertfordshire, does this is by assessing your motivation to stop. From experience, it is clear to us that you must want to stop smoking now and you must also want to do this for yourself. The therapist will help you identify whether this is the case. Clients who are not considered motivated enough will be advised to come back, when the time is right. That way you are not wasting money and we are not wasting out time!

At Hypnotherapy Hertfordshire, we use various different hypnotherapy techniques to assist our clients so that they are able to Quit Cigarette Smoking. The techniques used depend on the unique needs of the client. Some of the techniques include:

Identifying and consolidating your reasons to Quit Cigarette Smoking- At Hypnotherapy Hertfordshire, we have many facts and information about the negative effects of smoking on the mind and body. The hypnotherapist spends time with you, supporting you in applying this information to yourself and your life. The result is that perhaps for the first time, you can appreciate that harm from smoking, is not something that happens to other people. At this stage in the session you will begin to will feel the strong desire to move away from smoking forever.

Identifying the benefits and positive rewards of Quit Cigarette Smoking - its not all doom and gloom! It is also very important to begin focusing on what you will gain by stopping smoking and how your life will improve massively for the better. The therapist will also spend time with you, discussing and exploring the positive impact Quit Cigarette Smoking and remaining a non-smoker will have on your life. You will also be guided to set goals for the future. These will focus on things you wouldn't have been able to do as a non-smoker. You will be amazed at the new options you have for relaxing, becoming more healthy, going to new places and of course spending all that extra money you will save by stopping smoking.

Hypnosis with positive suggestion. Of course, part of your Quit Cigarette Smoking treatment at Hypnotherapy Herts will involve you getting to sit back and relax whilst your unconscious mind does the learning! During this process you will be guided to a deep state of relaxation, whilst the therapist also directs your unconscious mind with suggestions and metaphors to Quit Cigarette Smoking. You will also be supported to develop positive coping strategies. Acknowledge that your smoking habit has served a purpose in the past, in that it has likely been a method for coping. Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques (neuro linguistic programming) will enable you to develop positive coping strategies that serve you in the present and future. One of the new positive coping strategies could be learning to use an anchor. If the therapist feels that you would benefit from having an anchor created, this will also be part of the Quit Cigarette Smoking treatment session at Hypnotherapy, Hertfordshire. An anchor, is basically a positive resource of emotions that you can fire off, when you need extra emotional strength to cope.

There are also several formal change techniques, which are effective for helping you to Quit Cigarette Smoking. The most appropriate technique will depend on your unique problem. At Hypnotherapy, Hertfordshire, these techniques are used if required. Examples include: The Swish Technique which can be used if you wish to replace a highly contextualised problem behaviour with a more positive behaviour. It works to eliminate behaviours that occur in specific situations after specific triggers. 2) Parts Integration is very useful at uncovering the positive intention of your smoking habit and dealing with incongruent behaviour and feelings. 3) Like To Dislike - This technique is based on information about how we code memories in our brain. We tend to code things we like in a different way to things we don't like. So, its possible to recode your memory of smoking into something that you find disgusting.

Hypnotherapy Hertfordshire provides a free consultation to those who make the decision to use Hypnotherapy Hertfordshire to Quit Cigarette Smoking. In addition, free support for the next six months is provided. This means that at any time within six months you should you start smoking again, we will work for free to get you to Quit Cigarette Smoking again. Hypnotherapy, Hertfordshire works on the basis that it is possible to have you Quit Cigarette Smoking in one session. This is because we deal with all that aspects of your habit in this session, so that you leave a non-smoker and are done with that old habit.

Author: Karen Hastings, Hertfordshire

Quit Cigarette Smoking~Hypnotherapy To Stop Smoking

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quit Cigarette Smoking~Guide to Stop Smoking

No matter what the reason was when a person began to smoke, the health risks proven to be caused by smoking has many smokers doing whatever they can to Quit Cigarette Smoking. In order to stop smoking, a person needs to stop using all types of smoking tobacco products, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. Smoking tobacco contains a substance called nicotine, which is an alkaloid poison that occurs in tobacco. Nicotine is highly addictive, which is the reason why most people are not able to Quit Cigarette Smoking with some kind of help.

There are a cardinal of approaches a actuality can use back they are accessible to stop smoker including the advice of doctors and medicine. Most bodies accept apparently apparent advertisements for a array of articles geared against allowance bodies to Quit Cigarette Smoking. It is universally agreed aloft that smoker is not safe or advantageous for the smoker and those about that actuality and smokers who amount their bloom and the bloom of their admired ones should stop smoking. In fact, smokers who accept auspiciously chock-full smoker address that they feel abundant healthier, accept added banknote that isn’t actuality spent on tobacco articles and they apperceive that they accept decidedly decreased their risks of developing a tobacco-related disease.
One of the most effective means in which a person can try to Quit Cigarette Smoking is to have a strong support network, group or even a cognitive behavioral therapist
help them along the way. If a person chooses to see their doctor for help to stop smoking, their doctor is likely to offer that person medication in addition to advising the person to find support to stop using tobacco. Any person who decides to use medication from their doctor should be aware that some of the options available for help to Quit Cigarette Smoking are addictive by themselves and could lead to other problems.

To begin searching for the best way to Quit Cigarette Smoking, it is a good idea to see a doctor and ask about quitting and the help that is available. There are a number of techniques available including nicotine gum, self-help books and going ‘cold turkey’ as well as alternative methods including hypnosis, acupuncture, nutritional nicotine detoxification and other paths.

One of the key factors that plays a very important role in how successful a person can be in their efforts to Quit Cigarette Smoking is how committed the are to seriously quit their bad habit and to stay on that path. One cigarette here or there can truly undo any good that has already been done. One of the major benefits provided by support systems for people who are trying to quit is to offer ideas on what to do when the urge to smoke becomes overwhelming due to stress or other triggering situations. Not all smokers will succeed in their attempt to Quit Cigarette Smoking their first time and should be aware that they are not alone. It takes most smokers several tries before finding the right path and strength in order to stop smoking successfully.

Author: Kaushik Das

Quit Cigarette Smoking~Guide to Stop Smoking

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quit Cigarette Smoking~Start Feeling Better Fast

How long have you been smoking? Whether it's twenty years, thirty years, or maybe longer than you can remember, you'll be glad to know that even "career smokers" can improve their health when they Quit Cigarette Smoking and feel better almost immediately.

You've probably heard negative comments from other smokers, like: "Why should I stop now? I've been smoking my entire life," or "My lungs are already damaged beyond repair. Quit Cigarette Smoking now won't make any difference."

Fortunately, those behavior are myths. With a little perseverance, will power, and maybe some alfresco advice if needed, you can bang your smoker addiction and about-face a acceptable accord of the damage. Many smokers are afraid to apprentice that bloom improvements can action aural a amount of days.

Experience Immediate Results When You Quit Cigarette Smoking

While most ex-smokers will tell you the first week is the hardest, they fail to mention the immediate health benefits from stopping smoking. Smokers are often so focused on their addiction and withdrawal symptoms that at first they might not realize the positive changes taking place in their bodies.

These are some common changes that occur within the first three days of stopping smoking:

1. Drop in pulse rate and blood pressure- Smoking has been known to increase the risk of high blood pressure
. Within days of stopping smoking, most people experience a drop in their overall blood pressure and heart rate.

2. Increase in energy- After breaking your smoking habit, you should notice an increase in energy. Former smokers who suffered from fatigue often see an improvement in energy and stamina.

3. Nicotine elimination- In a matter of days, nicotine is eliminated from the body. The result is a boost to your senses. Foods will seem tastier than before and you'll be more aware of both fragrant and foul smelling odors.

4. Breathing improvements- As changes occur in the bronchial tubes, breathing will become less of a chore. You'll find your breathing will get lighter and more relaxed.

5. Carbon monoxide reduced- Smokers have an unhealthy level of carbon monoxide in the blood. In less than a day after Quit Cigarette Smoking, carbon monoxide levels will start to decrease, resulting in an increase of oxygen in the blood.

6. Lung cleansing- After carbon monoxide is removed from the blood stream, the lungs begin a much needed cleansing process. The heavy tar buildup that has accumulated in the lungs slowly starts to clear.

7. Healthier skin- Did you ever notice how some smokers have a dull, pasty complexion? By Quit Cigarette Smoking, you can improve your skin tone and reduce and prevent wrinkles.

Long Term Health Benefits From Stopping Smoking

Since smoking takes a gradual toll on your body, it's unrealistic to expect all health improvements to occur overnight. Although you might not feel like a million dollars right away, rest assured that by stopping smoking now you'll eventually experience major health improvements.

Here are some of the long-term benefits of breaking your smoking habit:

1. Less coughing- If coughing and hacking are a part of your daily routine, over the next several months these problems should decrease or be eliminated as the oxygen level in the lungs increases.

2. Easier exercise- Forget about huffing and puffing just to get up the stairs. Quit Cigarette Smoking will improve your circulation, thus making exercise and everyday chores much simpler.

3. Fewer heart problems- Did you know smokers are at a greater risk when it comes to heart attacks? Thankfully the chance of having a heart attack will slowly start to decrease upon stopping smoking. After about ten years off tobacco, most former smokers no longer have an inflated risk for a heart attack. Even smokers who have already suffered from heart problems
can reduce their risk of an additional heart attack by Quit Cigarette Smoking.

4. Reduced risk of lung disease- Perhaps the most common reason for stopping smoking is the fear of lung cancer. It's true that the lungs take the most time to recover from cigarette smoking. But generally after a period of about ten years, most smokers will have reduced their chances of developing lung cancer by fifty percent.

Increase Your Life Expectancy... At Any Age

Whether you're 35, 50, or 70 years old, the time to Quit Cigarette Smoking is now. While younger smokers may tend to recover better from the ill effects of smoking, people of all ages can improve their overall health and increase life expectancy.

The key to success is to Quit Cigarette Smoking before any serious health complications arise such as lung cancer or emphysema. However, if you have been diagnosed with either of these conditions or some other tobacco related illness, you can still boost your chances of recovery by Quit Cigarette Smoking immediately.

While receiving treatment for a serious illness, your body needs to be in the healthiest state possible. The sooner you stop smoking, the sooner your stress levels will decline, boosting your immune system to ward off life threatening diseases and conditions.

Author: Antonio LeMaire

Quit Cigarette Smoking~Start Feeling Better Fast