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Monday, January 21, 2013

Practical steps to quitting cigarette smoking

Cigarette smoking is a habit that most cigarette smokers found really hard to break. To even some smokers the habit is something they don't think is ever possible to break. You see, I don't agree with those who think that cigarette smoking habit is impossible to conquer. And neither do i agree with those who think that the habit is something that is very hard to overcome. The reason they think the way they do concerning overcoming cigarette smoking is because some had never try quitting and those who had tried to so do go about it the wrong way not knowing the right way. The secrets to overcoming this seemly impossible or difficult habit easily and comfortably are what I bring to you. If you follow the steps am going to show you religiously, then you are going to wake up one day to discover that your cigarette smoking habit is gone like a smoke into the thin air. Enough with the talking here are the things you do to quit cigarette smoking:

1. Identify and agree with the facts surrounding cigarette smoking such as:
• Smokers are liable to get life threatening diseases such as diabetes, asthma, cancer of the lung and so many others.
• Smokers are liable to get crack and ugly looking lips. I tell you this is not attractive to any member of the opposite sex. Ladies and even guys love sexy looking lips and this you can't get from cigarette smoking. If you want your lips to look more appealing to your lover, then try quitting cigarette smoking..!!
• Cigarette smoking stains and decolourize the teeth. I tell you this is a really bad thing.
• Cigarette smoking makes the smoker have repulsive irritating odour which may no longer be perceived by the smoker himself or herself. This is because it has become apart of the smoker. This odour is very well known to people around you but they will not tell you so as not to hurt your feelings except they love you too much.
• Secret smoking does not add to your pride and reputation instead it takes a lot away from it. This is because, you can't admit to the fact that you smoke cigarettes to every dick and Harry i.e. every man and woman that you come across or have dealings with. And whatever a man is not proud of will never add any value to his pride or ego, forget about the good feelings you get when you smoke it. You don't feel any better afterward.
2. Never attempt to end smoking suddenly but rather attempt it gradually and steadily.
As they say slow and steady win the race. No great achievement is ever attained suddenly. And just as you have always heard that Rome was not build in a day so also is quitting cigarette smoking, it is not achieved or attained suddenly. Any attempt on your part to end it suddenly may result in you bouncing back at it with even greater energy than before. So be warned and don't try it!

3. Import activities to replace or fill up the gap or free time created when trying not to smoke. When you are trying not to smoke at the time or place where you usually smoke the wisest thing to do at such time is to have options of other things you can engage yourself in until such time passed away. This is because being idle at such time can make you fall back into it even though you are trying to quit it. The activities could be going out for walk, going out to watch the movies, enrolling in a dancing or music class. You can also change that particular location for that moment. The bottom line is to just get busy when you are in that moment. Do whatever will keep you busy or distracted, be it reading, talking to a friend, a neighbour, your pet or any other thing.

4. Time your cigarette smoking.
By timing your cigarette smoking, I mean decide on the time you smoke and stick to it no matter what. You see, if you have been smoking whenever you like or feel like it, I say put a stop to it. For example maybe you usually smoke whenever you are bored instead of heading straight to light up a cigarette stick give yourself like one hour or thirty minutes before you do so. Do this regularly. When you are accustomed to this one hour or thirty minutes delay proceed to increase it to something like two or more hours like that. This little delay through timing built in you gradually the strength that you will use later in quitting cigarette smoking completely and finally. But this is much more later not now.
5. Quantify your cigarette smoking.
By quantifying your cigarette smoking I mean putting a number on the amount of cigarette you smoke. Maybe for each time or each day you smoke up to a total stick of five cigarettes, you can make it less by reducing into something like four. And later on when you are accustomed to this four you proceed to make it three. Also when you are accustomed to this three you proceed to make it two per each time or day of smoking. You continue like this until you are satisfied or find it easy to smoking only a stick of cigarette per day. When it has come to smoking only a stick of cigarette per day, the next thing to do is to repeat this process in terms of the number of days you smoke per week. Let say you smoke seven cigarettes per week, you can choose a day of each week when you don't smoke at all. You keep it up like that until you totally eradicate cigarette smoking in your life.
6. Make a coffee out of your cigarette stick.
Yeah this is one of the things you do that make quitting cigarette smoking easier. What do I mean by you making a coffee out of your cigarette stick? Here is what I mean, take a cigarette stick and cut it into two parts to separate the short bottom part that contains the tobacco leaves. Put the tobacco leaves in a cup, add a measured amount of water to it. Allow the tobacco to soak very well into the water then take it up and drink it the way you drink your coffee! You may or may not filter the tobacco leaves away this depend on your preference. Take it however you like or prefer it. Drink this regularly everyday and you will see your thirst for cigarette smoking die gradually, completely and finally.
7. Get electronic cigarette smoking kits. Certainly you can't do without this lovely electronic gadget. Why is this so you may want to ask? This is because this is the only gadget that gives you the feel good feeling you got from cigarette smoking while at the same time help you to quit cigarette smoking completely. Now you see what i mean when i said that you can't do without this electronic cigarette smoking kits. It is one of the latest developments in technology. It helps in a great deal to help a lot of cigarette smokers overcome that smoking habit in away that no one can. Check it out, buy it, use it and don't forget to come back to thank me! To know where to get it get to my website: